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Holzma Panel Saw Blades

ToolWolf has partnered with German manufacturer, Schaffer, to import the best Holzma panel saw blades available to the woodworking industry. The high-quality blades are purchased in quantity and we pass along the savings to you with our direct-to-consumer model.

Our Holzma panel saw blades are available for almost all machine models and we carry the matching scoring blades as well. There are two ways to find the blade that matches your machine:

1) Check out our panel saw blade finder here:

2) Check out our Holzma panel saw blade page here:

All blades come with the correct pin holes and will fit right on your machine out of the box.

Give ToolWolf a try! Our prices and quality are second to none.

Striebig Panel Saw Blades

For years, Schaffer Precision Tools in Germany has been supplying the industrial woodworking market with high-quality Striebig panel saw blades customized for each model of the very popular machine. ToolWolf is proud to offer these its customers the Schaffer line of blades for the Striebig machine, as well as many other types of popular models and manufacturers.

One of the unique features of our site is the easy-to-use panel saw blade finder. Check out our inventory by using the finder. All you have to do is specify whether you’re looking for a main or scoring blade, the cutting diameter, the kerf width, the bore diameter and the saw tooth configuration and the finder will show you all of the most popular options blade options.

ToolWolf has one of the largest online inventories of carbide-tipped and solid carbide tooling in the woodworking industry. Our prices are low, our quality is high and our mission is to get you the best customer service with every sale. Check us out today!

SCM Panel Saw Blades by Schaffer

ToolWolf is proud to bring to its customers high-quality German-made Schaffer SCM panel saw blades. As one of the most popular types of panel / table saw manufacturers out there, we have a lot of customers who run a machine from SCM or SCMI Group.

We’ve carefully designed the blades to have the exact pin hole configuration your machine requires. Check out our SCM panel saw blade finder here:

Our list of sizes is as follows:

300 x 3.2 x 1″ Z=72TC 300 x 4.4 x 80 Z = 72TC 350 x 3.2 x 1″ Z=42TC 350 x 3.5 x 30 Z=84TC 350 x 3.5 x 1″ Z=84TC 350 x 4.4 x 80 Z=72TC 350 x 4.4 x 1-1/4″ Z=72TC 355 x 4.4 x 80 Z=54TC

Check out ToolWolf’s selection and pricing today!


ToolWolf – Holzher Saw Blades for Any Application

Recently, one of our customers called and needed to try different Holzher saw blades than the one he normally uses. His normal application relies on the 220 x 3.2 x 30 Z=30 hollow face, negative hook angle blade for very smooth cuts in melamine. The new application was for veneer and ToolWolf recommended that he try the 220 x 3.2 x 30 Z=64ATB with a negative hook angle. The customer really liked the new Holzher saw blade and has since tried it with success on plywood as well.

Industry professionals trust ToolWolf’s expertise and German-made Schaffer panel saw blades. You can check out our saw blade finder here:

For the Holzher, we’ve got all of the different blade configurations, with matching pin holes, in-stock and ready to ship:

220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=42 HOLLOW FACE POSITIVE 220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=42 HOLLOW FACE NEGATIVE 220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=48 TC 220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=64 TC 220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=64ATB NEGATIVE 380 x 4.4/3.0 x 75 z=72
Panel Saw Blades – Easy to Find

ToolWolf’s innovative Saw Blade Finder tool is one of the quickest and easiest ways to search our vast inventory of panel saw blades for a size and configuration that fits your application. Check it out by clicking here:

If you are looking for a specific manufacturer, then all you’ve got to do is click on the saw blade finder for those types of blades. We’ve got inventory for all of the most common panel saw blade sizes and pin hole configurations. Here are links to blades to fit machines from the leading manufacturers:






Schaffer Panel Saw Blades

Schaffer panel saw blades have become synonymous with high quality and durability throughout the woodworking industry. Made by a small, family-owned company in Herford Germany, or Schaffer Prazisionswerkzeuge as they’re known in their native language, these carbide tipped panel saw blades are second to none.

We have been introducing our customers to Schaffer panel saw blades for over a decade with fantastic results. When asked to explain how they are superior to the likes of FS Tool, Leuco, Guhdo or the other major brands on the market, we answer with the following:

– Manufactured to extremely tight tolerances in a state-of-the-art facility – The family who owns Schaffer Precision Tools (Prazisionswerkzeuge) are all craftsmen and take pride in every blade – Focus on limiting their distribution – they believe that quality is far more important than quantity – Superior engineering, raw materials (steel and tungsten carbide) sourcing and technical knowledge – Spending on research and development to work with the top panel saw manufacturers on blade technology and application

And then of course, we mention that the blades are exceptional in almost any panel saw blade application. That they hold their cutting edge longer than most competitors’ blades. And that they provide a superior cut quality.

We work with Schaffer to make sure their panel saw blades are manufactured with exact pin hole configurations for all of the major saw machines: Holzma, Holzher, SCM, Gabbiani, Selco, Striebig, Giben, Schelling, Altendorf and others.

Check out ToolWolf’s inventory of Schaffer panel saw blades and give them a try. Our saw blade finder is awesome too: We think you’ll be a customer for life.

Schaffer Panel Saw Blades

A high-quality panel saw blade is made with a good blend of old-world craftsmanship and new-age technology. The folks at Schaffer Precision Tools in Germany know this all too well and this is why we carry their brand of panel saw blades exclusively.

Their blades have the following attributes:

– A special grade of carbide for cutting melamine board – Large European style tips – Pin-holes where required (for all major panel saw makes and models – Made with solid plates and have copper rivot expansion slots

In addition to their stellar cutting performance and long life, the blades are unique in that they are made by a relatively small, family-owned business in a rural German location. Care and attention is paid to every blade coming off of the production line. We have known the family for years and they always do what is right for their customers.

We hope that you will one day try the Schaffer panel saw blades on your machine and see what a difference quality can make. Check out our full selection here:

Most people don’t realize how many different variables there are to consider when purchasing a panel saw blade. Even seasoned veterans can miss a critical, but easy to overlook detail when buying new blades for their machine or woodworking application.

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