Holzher Saw Blades

ToolWolf – Holzher Saw Blades for Any Application

Recently, one of our customers called and needed to try different Holzher saw blades than the one he normally uses. His normal application relies on the 220 x 3.2 x 30 Z=30 hollow face, negative hook angle blade for very smooth cuts in melamine. The new application was for veneer and ToolWolf recommended that he try the 220 x 3.2 x 30 Z=64ATB with a negative hook angle. The customer really liked the new Holzher saw blade and has since tried it with success on plywood as well.

Industry professionals trust ToolWolf’s expertise and German-made Schaffer panel saw blades. You can check out our saw blade finder here: https://www.toolwolf.com/product/product-category/holzher-saw/

For the Holzher, we’ve got all of the different blade configurations, with matching pin holes, in-stock and ready to ship:

220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=42 HOLLOW FACE POSITIVE
220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=42 HOLLOW FACE NEGATIVE
220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=48 TC
220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=64 TC
220 x 3.2/2.0 x 30 z=64ATB NEGATIVE
380 x 4.4/3.0 x 75 z=72

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