Panel Saw Blades for All Holzma/Homag Machines

Panel Saw Blades to Fit Any Holzma (Homag) Machine

Holzma (now Homag) has created a reputation for being one of the go-to manufacturers for beam and panel saws in the world. Their markets include cabinet makers, home and office furniture manufacturers, kitchen manufacturers, shop and store fixtures, the panel producing industry, and much more.

To serve the diverse needs of their customers, they’ve created several different series of saws. The Series 1 – 5 beam saws have an array of special capabilities and differences. While we won’t get into the specifics of each type here on this forum, we do want to highlight the specific models for which ToolWolf carries table and circular saw blades.

Our Schaffer brand panel saw blades for the Holzma (Homag) machine fit the following Series/Models perfectly right out of the box:

  • Series 1: Model HPP 130
  • Series 2: HPP 200, HPP 200 (US Edition), HPP 200 (powerEdition)
  • Series 3: HPL 300, HPP 300, HPP 300 (US Edition), HPP 300 (powerEdition), HKL300
  • Series 4: HPP 400, HPP 400 (US Edition), HPL 400, HPL 400 (US Edition), HKL 400
  • Series 5: HPP 500, HPL 500, HKL 500

If you’re looking for a high-quality, extremely well-priced, German-made panel saw blade to accompany your Holzma (Homag) panel or table saw, look no farther than ToolWolf!