Panel Saw Blades - Melamine Saw Blade

All Types of Panel Saw Blades at Rock Bottom Prices

Panel and CNC saws are used to cut, size, and score wood, melamine, medium-density fiberboard, and other composite materials in industrial woodworking facilities.
ToolWolf panel and scoring saw blades are manufactured by Schaeffer Precision Tools in Herford, Germany. Schaeffer’s panel saw blades are manufactured to the highest quality standards using some of the most innovative production methods in the industry.

Our tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) saw blades are designed to fit the specifications — bore configuration, pin holes, cutting diameter, and scoring blade match — of almost every major manufacturer of panel and CNC saw machines in the world.

Why Buy From Us?

We buy panel and melamine saw blades directly from Schaeffer Precision Tools in very large quantities at discounted rates. As such, we can offer the products to our customers at prices lower than what other websites charge for the same goods. We specialize in the products we stock, and our customers return to us for the outstanding quality at the lowest prices online. We also offer convenient shipping options to add to your ease of shopping.

Our customers usually know exactly what kind of saw blade they are looking for, and ToolWolf offers a price advantage that has them coming back to us for all their cutting tool needs. Look for your saw type in the list below to pick out the kind of blade you need based upon the material you need to cut through. We have saw blades perfect for cutting melamine or any kind of wood. If you don’t see your panel or table saw listed below, check out our panel saw blade finder page for more help.

Send Us Your Enquiries

Whether you are looking for a blade for cutting melamine board or plywood, ToolWolf also sells stock, and custom, trim, and groover blades. Contact us for special blade requests if you don’t see your blade listed below. You can also call us at 1-801-742-1741 with any questions or to let us know about your specific requirements.
Representatives of ToolWolf will try to answer all your questions and find you the right panel saw blades for your application.