Wood Boring Bits - Line Boring Bits

Wood Boring Bits — A Wide Range of Choices From ToolWolf

Also known as a dowel drill, a tungsten carbide-tipped boring bit is engineered to exact specifications and provides a precise drilling diameter for use in industrial woodworking applications. ToolWolf boring bits and line boring bits are used to manufacture products in some of the largest facilities worldwide where wood, melamine, MDF, and other wood composite materials are utilized.

Our boring bits are engineered for CNC and line boring machines, as well as other specialty equipment, so that there are a wide range of options available to industrial applications and woodworking professionals. Our high-quality precision tools are priced surprisingly lower than competitors because of our streamlined buying process.

Choosing the Correct Wood Boring Drill Bits

When evaluating which wood boring bit fits your application, it is important to note the cutting diameter and depth, overall length, shank diameter, and cutting rotation. Make the right choice based on whether you need to drill for dowel holes, thru holes, or other purposes. We have several different options and combinations that you can pick and choose from. Below are the different options available to you in boring bits for wood.

Brad Point Boring Bit

All our metric brad point boring bits are manufactured using high-grade tungsten carbide. They are built to support exact tolerances. These high-precision tools are known for their durability and longevity so that you know that your tools won’t let you down when you need them most. You can make your choice based on overall length, the cutting diameter required, and the type of rotation needed.

Hinge Boring Bit

We are known to our customers as the leading providers for metric hinge boring bits widely used in the industrial woodworking marketplace. Like our brad point bits, our hinge bits are also built for high cutting precision, durability, and longevity. The high-grade tungsten carbide boasts highly exacting tolerances, suitable for the entire range of woodworking requirements.

Thru Boring Bit

Our high-quality V-Tip or thru boring bits are some of the best available in the market and are very well received in the industrial woodworking marketplace. Our high-precision, long-lasting, durable, high-grade tungsten carbide bits can withstand pretty much anything you put through them, and we offer you plenty of different options.

Solid Carbide Boring Bit

Woodworking pros value our high-quality, durable, high-precision solid carbide bits for wood boring drills. When compared with traditional carbide boring tools, our products provide improved finishes and manage to hold their cutting edges longer than others and are ideal for both man-made and CNC-machine applications.

You can pick from two styles of solid carbide boring bits: Jobber or dowel style bits are 53 mm in overall length, and the cutting diameter is the same as the shank diameter. We also carry traditional brad point and thru bore bits with a 10mm shank diameter and a flute made of solid carbide all the way from the cutting tip to the base of the shank.

Our high-quality wood boring bits are available at competitive prices via a highly streamlined buying process. Place an order today for over $100 to receive free shipping.