Main & Scoring Set

Gabbiani Saw

Product Description

Gabbiani Panel Saw Blade From ToolWolf

ToolWolf’s Schaffer panel saw blades are customized for the Gabbiani panel saw. All blades are manufactured with the correct pinhole configuration so they fit on your saw right out of the box.

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Choose the Gabbiani Saw Blade You Need

Pick your desired blade configuration from these highly durable main and scoring saw blades that are easy to use and install. These are the tough tools that each woodworking professional needs. The blades vary by grind, number of teeth, and cutting diameter and width. Make your choice based on the materials you work with: composites such as particle board or MDF, hard woods and hard-wood molding, timbers, pre-fabricated laminated materials, or even thicker plastics.

Find the Gabbiani panel saw that you need for your project at ToolWolf. Be sure to check out other similar products such as blades for the Altendorf saw, Holzher saw, Streibig saw, and Giben saw.

If there is a saw blade option that you need but don’t see here, give us a call 801-742-1741 or drop a line via our contact form and we’ll see what we can do to find what you need.

Additional information

Blade Application

Main Blade, Scoring Blade

Cutting Diameter

200mm, 355mm, 380mm, 400mm, 420mm, 450mm

Cutting Width

4.4mm, 4.8mm



Number of Teeth

36, 72


Triple chip, ATB