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Top Quality Router Bits From ToolWolf

If you use CNC (computer numerical control) tools for your woodworking processes, you know the importance of high-precision router bits for producing a high-quality finished product or part. Our wood router bits are a great choice for engineering prototyping, woodworking, art, production work, and product development for professionals.

Look through our options and see for yourself why our customers have no hesitation recommending us for our quality products and highly competitive prices. While the choice of CNC router bits available in the market is mind-bogglingly wide, we specialize in the two most common types of bits used in the majority of CNC cutting applications: solid carbide router bits and carbide-tipped routing bits.

Our spiral solid carbide router bits are available in two broadly categorized types — the up- or down-shear (directional) spirals or the compression (up and down) spirals. Our popular carbide-tipped router bits are generally used for plunge routing or laminate trim applications. Our CNC bits and desktop CNC routers come in a wide array of cutting diameters, cutting lengths, and shank sizes.

Solid Carbide Compression Router Bits

The solid carbide compression router bits we carry are some of our most popular products. Only the highest-quality tungsten carbide is used in the creation of our router bits, which are built for extremely exacting tolerances. The reason these solid carbide compression router bits from ToolWolf get such rave reviews is their long run times, longevity, and the perfect finishes they are able to produce. We also carry premium-grade carbide compression bits. Reach out to us to find out more.

Solid Carbide Router Bits

We pride ourselves on being the leading seller of directional solid carbide router bits. Our solid carbide up- or down-cut router bits are fashioned from the highest-quality tungsten carbide. These high-precision tools are manufactured to exacting tolerances so they never let you down. The up- or down-shear cutting angles provide great flexibility depending on your application. Our CNC router bits are ideal for CNC machines, and you can pick the type you need for your project.

Great Routing Bits at the Best Prices

Because we source our products in bulk and because we have long-term connections with manufacturers, we are able to get great prices. This helps us bring down overhead running costs substantially, and helps you, our buyers, get the best deals on CNC woodworking and other tools.

Reach Out to Us

Picking the right CNC router bits may not always be easy, and even the experienced professional may have questions from time to time. If you have any questions about our wood router bits or about any other woodworking product from ToolWolf, just get in touch with us. Our expert and helpful staff will be happy to assist you.

Hobbyists and professionals also find that our blog is a useful resource where they can find useful information and how-to tips. Keeping up with our blog is a useful way to know about any new products that get added to our wood router bits or CNC bits inventory.

Sometimes you may need a specialized tool or accessory for a particular reason. Some products that are in lower demand may not be available currently. If you don’t see the router bit sets or CNC router parts listed here, contact us and we may either have it in stock, or can have it drop shipped directly to you from a number of leading manufacturers.

Don’t see your router bit listed? Contact us and chances are high that we either have it in stock, or can have it drop shipped directly to you from a number of leading manufacturers.