Holzma Panel Saw Blades

Holzma Panel Saw Blades

ToolWolf has partnered with German manufacturer, Schaffer, to import the best Holzma panel saw blades available to the woodworking industry. The high-quality blades are purchased in quantity and we pass along the savings to you with our direct-to-consumer model.

Our Holzma panel saw blades are available for almost all machine models and we carry the matching scoring blades as well. There are two ways to find the blade that matches your machine:

1) Check out our panel saw blade finder here: https://www.toolwolf.com/product/panel-saw-blades/panel-saw-blade/

2) Check out our Holzma panel saw blade page here: https://www.toolwolf.com/product/panel-saw-blades/holzma-saw/

All blades come with the correct pin holes and will fit right on your machine out of the box.

Give ToolWolf a try! Our prices and quality are second to none.

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