CNC Solid Carbide Router Bits

Solid Carbide Router Bits

CNC solid carbide router bits have become the go-to tool for many industrial woodworking applications. Their versatility and the design of today’s CNC machines has made them much more popular than saw blades, boring bits or even the carbide tipped router bits that were their predecessors.

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The most interesting use of the CNC solid carbide boring bit beyond the traditional routing application is in the cutting of panels that used to be performed on a panel saw machine. As CNC machine functionality and speed has increased, it has become easier to use a solid carbide router bit to cut or size panels than to use a more expensive panel saw blade.

In response to this increased functionality, carbide tooling manufacturers have created a multitude of new solid carbide router bit styles for use in various applications:

– Solid carbide compression router bits: 2×2, 3×3, mortise tip and more
– Solid carbide up or down shear router bits: up shear, down shear
– Solid carbide coated router bits: various coatings applied to extend tool life