Specialty Boring Bits – So Many Types…

Jun 11, 2013

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We’re all familiar with the traditional hinge, brad point and thru-bore style boring bits. They exist on every line boring and CNC machine in the woodworking industry. But there are a lot of specialty boring bits as well that serve a variety of applications, some highly specialized and some more general in nature.

Let’s start with the countersink application. To create a countersink, you’ll need one of the following:
– A “shank” or “twist” style attachment that fits over a traditional boring bit
– A customized one-piece, two-step bit that has either a thru bore or brad point main point and a countersink second step
– A one-piece specialty bit, similar to what would be used for the Confirmat or RTA system

Another possibility occurs when you need to create a flat-bottomed secondary hole. This would entail the use of a counter-bore application. The options are less numerous in this situation, but a customized one-piece, two-step bit with a brad point or thru bore main point and counter-bore second step is available. If you don’t go this route, you’ll usually have to make a first pass with a traditional bit and then a second pass with a hinge bit.

There are other types of specialty multi-step bits as well. Those used for the Grass America or Hafele systems are quite common and it’s easiest to just buy them already made from a company like Tool Wolf who keeps them in stock.

No matter what the specialty boring application, Tool Wolf has seen it before and typically stocks, or can custom manufacture, these special boring bits. Check out our catalog here.

Thanks for checking out Tool Wolf!