Schaffer Blades Ranked Best by Our Customers

Schaffer Panel Saw Blades Out-perform

We don’t generally like to toot our own horn, but it’s ok if our customers do it! ToolWolf recently worked with one of its best customers – a 100-person custom furniture manufacturer in the Southeast U.S. – to run a comparison test between our German-made Schaffer panel saw blades and the blades of three other brands.

Why did our customer choose to do this test? A few reasons. First, their local saw shop was offering all three competing blades and they were curious how the Schaffer brand would perform. Second, they genuinely wanted to see if there were any differences in longevity between the various brands of German descent.

Our customer has two production lines running each day, so they developed a testing methodology whereby the Schaffer blades would run on one line and the competitor on the other. Each set of blades was subjected to the same production requirements in terms of cuts per hour, sheets per cut and identical material type. Their primary measurement, besides cut quality, was to look at how long each set of blades could run before being pulled off for sharpening.

Shown below are the side-by-side comparisons our customer reported back to us:

Schaffer vs. FS Tool blades = 12% longer run time

Schaffer vs. Guhdo blades = 8% longer run time

Schaffer vs. Leitz blades = 9% longer run time

Schaffer out-performed all three competitors.

As their results showed, the Schaffer brand provided longer run times in each comparison. The other feedback we received was that the cut quality was better for the Schaffer blades in all cases as well.

We recognize that there are a lot of quality panel saw blade manufacturers out there. We do think it’s noteworthy, however, that the feedback we receive time and again from our customers is that the Schaffer brand is superior. This was the first time that a customer provided us with actual data to show it, so we are forever grateful to them for running the test.

Thanks to all of our customers. May the second half of 2017 be a great year for all in the woodworking industry!