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Moulder and Shaper Knives

ToolWolf has been providing corrugated bar stock to our millwork and custom woodworking customers for years. It has become a much bigger part of our product line in the last twelve months, so we wanted to share with you some of the different types of moulder steel that we’re now carrying.

Corrugated-Back Moulder Knives

ToolWolf partners with a leading European manufacturer to bring you high-quality knife stock that you can rely upon. We stock the M2 grade of steel, as well as T1 and M42 in multiple sizes of both the 1/4″ and 5/16″ thickness. We also carry filler stock.

Here’s a quick link to our product page

Carbide Moulder Knives

For the serious moulding application, we carry Tigra two-piece carbide knife sets (BakPak, SuperPac, Knife-Loc). Give us a call to learn more.

Williams and Hussey Knives

Moulder knives for your Williams & Hussey and similar Shopfox planer/moulders  are available in a variety of grades to best address your job. We carry these knives in standard high-speed steel – smooth-back and corrugated-back.

Replacement Knives for the Tersa Brand

Whether you need M2, M42 or solid carbide replacement knives for your Tersa system, we have the inventory to get you up-and-running in no time. We carry sizes all the way from 60mm to 650mm.

ToolWolf’s product line has come a long way over the years. We’re proud to provide the tooling for a fast-growing list of craftsmen who want high quality cutting tools, delivered fast for a great price.

Industrial Woodworking Tools

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year. Here’s a list of our product line as we move into 2014:

– Carbide tipped metric boring bits: dowel, brad point, thru bore, v-tip, hinge bits and more – High speed corrugated steel: M2 grade moulder knives as seen here: – Solid carbide router bits: up, down or compression (1+1, 2+2 and mortise tip) – Carbide tipped panel saw blades: Altendorf, Holzma, Holzher, Striebig, Giben, Schelling, Selco, Gabbiani and more – Carbide insert cutters: 2-sided and 4-sided carbide insert knives

We’d like to thank all of our customers who have purchased these wonderful industrial woodworking tools so far for a great 2013 and we hope to bring more people to ToolWolf in 2014!

Folks who have been grinding custom profile moulder knives have seen a number of different options hit the market in the last decade. What once seemed like a simple order, “give me ten bars of 5/16 x 2 x 25 steel” has gotten a little more confusing as advances in technology have brought a few different grades of steel to the market. Not only are there now different types of corrugated moulder steel, but there are also different coating options as well.

Here is a high-level summary of some common variations on the traditional M2-grade moulder knives, which can be found on our site at

– D2-grade steel:Typically consisting of carbon and chrome, it is good for shorter production runs, is easy to grind and is usually the cheapest option available because of its make-up and softness compared with other grades.

– V2-grade steel: This is a new twist on the D2 grade that has a different chemical component (Vanadium) and claims to offer the same run life as M2 at a cheaper cost.

– M2-grade steel: The go-to bar steel for a long time, it has a solid useful life and is good for long production runs in both hard and softwoods.

– T1-grade steel: Lasts longer than M2 due to higher levels of Tungsten. It’s good for extra long runs and demonstrates solid performance when used on man-made materials.

– V3-grade steel: The hardest of all the aforementioned options, it lasts much longer due to its chemical composition and is great for long hardwood runs or problem woods. It’s tougher to grind, but can offer higher performance (and a higher price).

90% of ToolWolf’s customers go with the tried and true M2-grade steel, but we’ve got a few who like to experiment or have unique applications that call for something different.

ToolWolf stocks a full line of M2-grade steel from Europe that provides excellent life at a very low total cost. Check out our website today to view the full line of corrugated back moulder steel.