Boring Bits for CNC

Feb 12, 2014

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Boring Bits for CNC provides boring bits for CNC machines. On our site, you will find brad point (dowel), thru-bore (v-tip) and hinge style boring bits. Our industrial woodworking boring bits also come in two types of carbide configurations:

– Solid Carbide: These entire cutting length of these bits is made of solid carbide. They hold their edge longer than traditional carbide-tipped bits and leave cleaner entry / exit holes when applied to man-made material cutting applications. Check out our unique selection of solid carbide boring bits here:

– Tungsten Carbide Tipped: These are traditional style boring bits with a body made of steel and a tungsten carbide tip used for the cutting application. These bits are cost-effective and long-lasting. is your sole source for industrial woodworking tooling for use on CNC or line boring machines.