Ayen Boring Bits

Feb 20, 2017

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Ayen Boring Bits at ToolWolf

Line boring machines are nowhere near as prominent as they once were. With the advent of CNC machines for routing, boring and sawing tasks, the old-line boring machines have fallen off as the go-to piece of equipment in most custom cabinet makers’ shops. But, that’s not to say that they don’t still perform their primary function – creating dowel or through holes in melamine or plywood – quite well.

ToolWolf is committed to its long list of craftsmen who still utilize their line boring machines every day to create high quality millwork and cabinetry. As such, we stock a lot of hard-to-find sizes and types of metric boring bits. In this post, we want to briefly describe the boring bits we carry for one of the most famous line boring machines – the Ayen.

Differences between Ayen bits and regular metric boring drills:

Not all boring bits are created equal. Sure, the cutting diameters of most are measured in millimeters, but that’s where the similarities end. For Ayen machine enthusiasts, the boring bits for their machines are much different than those for other types of line boring or CNC machines.

The primary difference is that Ayen bits come with a threaded shank that screws into the drill head on the machine. This is different than standard bits that have a smooth round shank, with a flat on one side, which mount to their machines with two set screws. The Ayen boring bits come in either an 8mm or 10mm diameter threaded shank. ToolWolf carries both.

The next difference is in the standard cutting length. Ayen bits come with a standard cutting length of 43mm, which is quite a bit longer than the 27mm or 35mm cut lengths common to regular metric boring bits.

The threaded shank and longer cutting length give the Ayen bits the dual advantages of a more secure mount and a longer cutting length for the craftsman whose dowel or through bore holes must be of high quality and consistency.

While ToolWolf does keep both the dowel (brad point) and thru-bore (v-tip), and 8mm or 10mm shank, Ayen bits in stock, we don’t list them on the website due to their special nature. If you’re interested, give us a call at 801-742-1741 or email us at sales@toolwolf.com and we can provide availability and pricing information. You can also find us by clicking the link to our contact us page. Thanks!