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Schaffer Panel Saw Blades

Schaffer panel saw blades have become synonymous with high quality and durability throughout the woodworking industry. Made by a small, family-owned company in Herford Germany, or Schaffer Prazisionswerkzeuge as they’re known in their native language, these carbide tipped panel saw blades are second to none.

We have been introducing our customers to Schaffer panel saw blades for over a decade with fantastic results. When asked to explain how they are superior to the likes of FS Tool, Leuco, Guhdo or the other major brands on the market, we answer with the following:

– Manufactured to extremely tight tolerances in a state-of-the-art facility – The family who owns Schaffer Precision Tools (Prazisionswerkzeuge) are all craftsmen and take pride in every blade – Focus on limiting their distribution – they believe that quality is far more important than quantity – Superior engineering, raw materials (steel and tungsten carbide) sourcing and technical knowledge – Spending on research and development to work with the top panel saw manufacturers on blade technology and application

And then of course, we mention that the blades are exceptional in almost any panel saw blade application. That they hold their cutting edge longer than most competitors’ blades. And that they provide a superior cut quality.

We work with Schaffer to make sure their panel saw blades are manufactured with exact pin hole configurations for all of the major saw machines: Holzma, Holzher, SCM, Gabbiani, Selco, Striebig, Giben, Schelling, Altendorf and others.

Check out ToolWolf’s inventory of Schaffer panel saw blades and give them a try. Our saw blade finder is awesome too: We think you’ll be a customer for life.