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Schaffer Panel Saw Blades

A high-quality panel saw blade is made with a good blend of old-world craftsmanship and new-age technology. The folks at Schaffer Precision Tools in Germany know this all too well and this is why we carry their brand of panel saw blades exclusively.

Their blades have the following attributes:

– A special grade of carbide for cutting melamine board – Large European style tips – Pin-holes where required (for all major panel saw makes and models – Made with solid plates and have copper rivot expansion slots

In addition to their stellar cutting performance and long life, the blades are unique in that they are made by a relatively small, family-owned business in a rural German location. Care and attention is paid to every blade coming off of the production line. We have known the family for years and they always do what is right for their customers.

We hope that you will one day try the Schaffer panel saw blades on your machine and see what a difference quality can make. Check out our full selection here: