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Carbide Inserts

Similar to many other types of solid carbide cutting tools for the woodworking industry, carbide insert knives are available in a wide array of carbide compositions depending on your specific application. But first, let’s define what we mean by a “carbide insert knife.” Generally speaking, a solid carbide insert is a replaceable cutting tool that can be attached to either a router bit, moulder head or other shaper cutter to provide a high-speed, application-specific cutting edge. These inserts come in a variety of shapes and material compositions.

Let’s first deal with shape. The most common cutting applications call for either a 2-sided or 4-sided (meaning 2 or 4 cutting edges), but there are also other options. Here’s a short list:

– Straight inserts: These inserts typically have either 2 or 4 straight cutting edges and will be either rectangular or square depending on their dimensions. Check out our inventory here of straight knives:

– Radius inserts: Used for creating a rounded edge in a woodworking application, these carbide inserts will have unique shape (depending on the cutting radius) and will either have a “tongue” or come in a set consisting of a “right and left-hand” knife.

– Face or back groove inserts: These knives are similar in shape and style to the straight inserts described above, except they will be held in place by a “groove” – either along the cutting “face” or “back” of the insert” – as opposed to a standard mounting hole like the typical knife.

Next, one has to decide which grade of carbide will be best for the particular industrial woodworking application. There are several options:

– Standard grade: Good for most man-made materials and common woodworking applications, inserts will be sold in this grade unless specified otherwise.

– 50SM: Used for hardwood applications.

– 01: Used for problematic man-made applications.

– LIT: Used for problem hardwood applications.

Tool Wolf has years of experience helping customers decide which insert style and grade is best for their woodworking needs. We stock a large inventory of solid carbide cutting tools to meet any need. Let us know if we can help outfit your operation!