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About Us

ToolWolf was founded by a team of sales professionals who have served the industrial woodworking community for over 25 years. We specialize in panel saw blades, boring bits, router bits, insert knives and high-speed corrugated moulder steel.

It is our belief that buyers of tungsten carbide tipped cutting tools know exactly what they need and there is a faster, easier and cheaper way to order these products via an e-commerce solution.

While we have relationships with many tooling manufacturers, and can order almost any type of woodworking tool, we have chosen to focus our product line on only the high-quality precision cutting tools that allow us to stock quantities sufficient to bring down your overall cost. By ordering from our suppliers in bulk, we can lower the price you have to pay.

Give us a try today and see how the combination of quantity and quality can improve your woodworking applications and bottom line!