Solid Carbide Router Bits

Solid Carbide Router Bits: Directional Flexibility for Your Project

Our solid carbide router bits for CNC machines come in both upcut and downcut varieties. Use our upcut router bits for routing out mortise and tenon joints, and use downcut bits for dadoes, deep slots, and rabbets. Upcut bits throw chips out of the cut, preventing clogging and binding of the bit. Downcut bits are used mostly for shallow cuts, and using a slower feed rate will keep them from overheating within the cut.

Our solid carbide router bits provide longer life, more durability, faster cuts, and greater precision than lower-cost bits. They can be sharpened regularly both to maintain quality of cut and to extend their life. Solid carbide router bits tend to have about 10 times the useful life of bits made from less durable material. They also create a higher-quality cut, and they’re not worn out by high-volume, fast-paced industrial woodworking projects.

ToolWolf stocks solid carbide upcut and downcut router bits in a range of diameters, cutting lengths, and overall lengths. Take advantage of our unbeatable prices and unmatched quality by ordering your bits today!