Solid Carbide Compression

Solid Carbide Compression Spirals: Clean Edges, Top and Bottom

Solid carbide compression spirals combine the clean top edges of upcut router spirals with the precise bottom edges of downcut spirals. They compress chips toward the spiral’s center, leaving the top and bottom edges free of splinters. Superior materials make them durable for industrial woodworking applications. Get beautiful cuts with clean top and bottom edges on woods, MDF, and laminates.

Solid carbide construction means long-lasting, consistent performance. You can sharpen solid carbide spirals repeatedly, which gives them a much longer lifespan than spirals made from cheaper materials. Compression bits also deliver outstanding mortise and tenon joints for clean, neat woodwork. For every application, you get better cut quality and precision from solid carbide.

ToolWolf sells 1+1, 2+2, and 3+3 fluted solid carbide compression spirals in a range of overall lengths, cutting lengths, and cutting diameters. If we don’t have a product in our warehouse, we’ll special order it and get it to you quickly. Order your solid carbide compression spirals today!