Straight Inserts

Solid Carbide Insert Knives: For Premium Planer Performance

Invest in solid carbide insert knives for your planer. You’ll get superior cut quality, unparalleled durability, and faster cutting speeds. Create flat, uniform surfaces on doors, or plane lumberyard wood into uniform sizes. Our insert knives work on solid wood, chipboard, and plywood to create smooth, pristine surfaces as well as precise edges and angles for an absolutely beautiful cut.

Our solid carbide insert knives attach to your planer’s cutter head. They feature either two or four cutting edges, and they come in packs of 10 blades. Solid carbide construction means you can sharpen your insert knives whenever they become dull. With consistent sharpening, you can count on your insert knives for long life and top-notch performance. Our solid carbide insert knife collection comes with different edges, lengths, thicknesses, and widths to match standard industry planer profiles.

ToolWolf delivers competitive prices and high-quality merchandise for all of your woodworking needs. If we don’t have your insert knife in stock, we’ll special order it for you. Purchase your solid carbide insert knives from ToolWolf today!