Thru Bore

Thru-Bore Bits for Clean Entry and Exit

Using a dull or incorrect bit when drilling holes in any material can cause serious damage to the piece and render the material potentially unusable. For easy, more precise cuts with clean entry and exit holes, purchase high-grade tungsten carbide tipped thru-bore bits from ToolWolf.

Our thru-bore bits work in automated wood-boring machines and make clean holes for dowels and other kinds of assembly hardware. They deliver cleaner, faster cuts for high-volume, time-sensitive projects. The tungsten-carbide tip means sharper and more precise cutting. You can also sharpen it for continued usage even after the tip becomes dull.

All of our thru-bore bits come with the standard 10-millimeter shank diameter in 58, 70, and 77-millimeter lengths. Choose from cutting diameters ranging from 4 millimeters to 20 millimeters. Also, our bits come equipped for either a left- or right-handed rotation.

For both industrial and hobbyist woodworking, ToolWolf provides outstanding quality at competitive prices. Order your thru-bore bits from ToolWolf today!