Hinge Boring Bits: Precise Mounting for Cabinet Hinges

Our high-grade tungsten carbide hinge boring bits create precise flat-bottomed holes for straight, flush hinge mounts. Instead of stripping out hinge holes or using bits that create off-center mounts, the carbide wings on the exterior bit surface deliver precision for large-diameter applications. Our durable, long-lasting hinge boring bits don’t become dull after just a few applications. They also don’t chip in hardwoods, soft woods, and wood composites.

Choose from a range of lengths and diameters for your industrial cabinetry project. Our hinge bits come in lengths ranging from 57 millimeters to 70 millimeters and in diameters ranging from 14.3 millimeters to 58 millimeters. Additionally, choose from hinge boring bits for both left- and right-handed rotations. Use them in both automatic spindle and manual boring machines. They’re also useful for making overlapping flat-bottomed holes and arched openings.

ToolWolf provides a wide range of boring bits for your woodworking projects. We deliver unbeatable prices and quality for both industrial applications and DIY enthusiasts. Order your hinge boring bits today!