Brad Point

High-Quality Brad Point Boring Bits for Dowel Projects

To avoid cracked wood while creating dowel holes, you need ToolWolf’s brad point boring bits. These bits will create precise, clean holes for all your high-quality woodworking projects.

These bits are known to be reliable, long lasting, and of superior quality thanks to the manufacturing process and use of high-quality tungsten carbide. These brad point boring bits are perfect for drilling smooth holes in fibrous material.

By avoiding tearing and fraying from a traditional bit, holes look cleaner and more professional. These brad points are perfect whether you’re using laminate, composite, or solid wood stock due to their precision boring effectiveness.

ToolWolf’s high-grade tungsten carbide brad points are more reliable and cost-effective than their steel competition. They are stocked in either a left- or right-handed rotation depending on your needs and are available in a diameter range from 4.0 millimeters to 18.0 millimeters. Also, the stock includes overall lengths of 57 millimeters, 70 millimeters, and 77 millimeters.